Building Market Transparency

The NSW Government has executed a multi-pillar reform program that has included improving ratings transparency on construction firms to support consumers and the community. Equifax has been a strong advocate of these reforms, and is committed to providing information and insights to protect people from financial harm, and to help people live their financial best.

The independent construction industry ratings tool (iCIRT), provided by Equifax, provides a star rating outcome on a firm’s capability and willingness to deliver reliable and trustworthy built assets. This register recognises builders, developers and others that have progressed through an independent and rigorous review process to obtain an iCIRT star rating. The register includes those that have attained an iCIRT rating of three gold stars or higher, and have published their rating to support improved transparency for the broader market.

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iCIRT star-rating reports help the community live their financial best by promoting building and construction professionals the market can trust.

About the Register

While there are many seeking to obtain this recognition, not all construction firms have been able to meet the rating criteria to be recognised on this register. Individual construction firms are publishing their iCIRT ratings, and these will also be displayed on this register in due course.

iCIRT star-ratings reflect our opinion without warranty and is not designed to provide any recommendations whatsoever. You may not reproduce, transfer, disseminate, redistribute, or resell iCIRT star-ratings. For more information, please check our Terms of Use.

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