Together, we are building confidence in the construction industry

The iCIRT star-rating service is the outcome of more than twelve months of industry collaboration, and Equifax* has worked closely with a broad base of industry associations and professional representatives across construction and design, finance, insurance, legal, home-purchasing, research and professional services. The collaborative group is committed to working together to improve transparency and trust across our built environment.

Staged Release

Staged release

Stage 1

iCIRT is currently available to rate builders, developers and certifiers. Government regulators are able to order single- or multi-party ratings, while construction industry professionals can order self-ratings on their own business.

Stage 2

In due course, iCIRT will be available to rate construction industry consultants (including designers, architects and engineers), suppliers and manufacturers. Single- and multi-party ratings will be available, along with self-ratings. Consumers will also be able to rate construction professionals.


The Shergold Weir report

The Shergold Weir Building Confidence report, commissioned by the Australian Building Ministers’ Forum, made recommendations to address the weaknesses identified in Australia’s compliance and enforcement systems.

The Shergold Wier Report
Building Strong Foundations

Building Strong Foundations

As part of the NSW implementation plan – Building Strong Foundations – the Building Commissioner, David Chandler OAM, is implementing six pillars of reform. One of these involves ratings systems and working with ratings agencies, insurers and financiers to more effectively assess industry participants and to better identify risky players in the construction industry.

About the iCIRT star-rating

Star-ratings will help identify building practitioners and project teams who have a proven track record, supported by objective evidence of their capability to deliver buildings you can trust. An iCIRT star-rating is not a credit rating, but is compiled by a credit rating agency – Equifax Australasia Credit Ratings Pty Ltd (Equifax). It is not designed to provide financial product advice, nor does it provide a recommendation to purchase any particular built asset or to enter into any engagement or arrangement with a particular entity or project team.

Building Strong Foundations

Helping bring iCIRT to life

Equifax Australasia Credit Ratings Pty Ltd (Equifax) is a regulated ratings agency. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary within the Equifax Group, a global data, analytics and technology company with a strong local presence in Australia and New Zealand.

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